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Awesome place to leave your children
When we first moved to Cedar Park from Austin over a year ago. I debated over sending my son to daycare and then which one? I did some research and looked up different facilities. We live very close to Kids r Kids Cedar Park. So, I sent an email with questions. I received an email from Mr. Patrick Murphy within days. He was very nice and I liked what he had to say and his quick response. I stopped by and met him and some of the staff. Nice, clean and secure facility. Mr. Patrick and Mr. Thomas are very nice gentlemen and very friendly. They always stop and make time to talk with you, even if it is just to say a quick hello. I do have to say that they get a 5 star for being LSU fans too. ;) I am very pleased with my choice in a daycare for our son and can see him there for many years to follow. I just want to say how much we love bringing our son to this facility. It was a rough start for him over a year ago, because he is very shy at first and takes a few minutes to warm up to anyone, but he adjusted within a couple of weeks. He was just a little over 2 when he entered Mrs. Rose's classroom. She was truly amazing with him. He was a tough one, but she gave him the attention he needed to get use to her and the class. She really helped me get the potty training started with Jacob. Bless her. :) Jacob was eventually moved up to Ms Kendra and Ms. Christine's room. I was really nervous about his transition because he doesn't do that very well. They welcomed him and it took a little while but it started to get easier to drop him off. My heart filled with joy to see him walk in the daycare with a smile and I didn't have to carry him. Ms. Kendra helped me to finally get Jacob potty trained. Yeah!!! Thanks Mrs. Kendra. I just want to thank Mr. Patrick and Mr. Thomas and the staff for being so great! Sincerely a grateful parent, Tara :) Every one at this facility is so out going and friendly. I love the fact that I can monitor Jacob and watch him interact in class with the teachers and his new found friends. I love the watchmegrow idea and webpage. Thank you for having that for your facility. It eases a parent's mind, at least mine. I would definitely recommend Kids r Kids Cedar Park to anyone. Great place to watch and see your child or children grow and develope over the years.
Tara Peitz
a teacher who gives her heart
I just wanted to write and let you know how much we appreciate Kendra as Zander's teacher. Every morning he gets clingy about me leaving him. Kendra holds him on her lap and gives him as much love as he needs to be okay with me going to work. It is a gift beyond expectation of a teacher or school to feel so loving. Not to mention a teacher who makes an effort concerning Zander's needs everyday. I know the sensitivity she shows these children is why she is a teacher. Kids R Kids is a lucky school to have her around! We love Polly who makes us smile every morning. And Patrick and Thomas who always say hello. This is our first preschool experience and so far, we don't miss home care in the least! Thank you so much. Amanda Wilson
amanda wilson
Very Protective Mother
I'm sure many parents can relate to the title of my testimonial. I've toured many preschools, and put my child in different ones. With each new preschool, we found ourselves very unhappy & very unsatisfied. When I toured KRK Cedar Park, the environment was clean. The staff were more welcoming and more friendly than other preschools. In other preschools, the staffs are either unwelcoming, unfriendly, or just seemed uninterested in the possibility of an incoming new child. These to me, are signs of preschools with overworked and unhappy employees, which leads to frequent teacher changes due to high resignation rates. At KRK, we were greeted with a friendly director who gave our tour. The teachers we saw seemed nurturing (which was winning points). As opposed to previous preschools with frequent teacher changes, my child has had the same teachers for months. I'm happy about this as he has stranger anxiety. As a mom, my anxiety with new teachers is probably as bad as his. The teachers at KRK also communicate well with each other. They keep children's information in the rooms, so they can remember what each child likes/dislikes, wants and needs. The teachers also provide a good report of my child's day. They also try very hard to accommodate. As with everybody, when they're super busy, they may forget my instructions for that day (i e: on days my child needs boogie wipes for stuffy nose), but all I have to do is call and remind them. I like their security system. They have fingerprint-accessed front door, or a code that is individual to us, no one else has the same code. I also like their management. The managers and owners care about the children’s growth and development. They try their best to fix our concerns and are easy to talk to. We’ve been to preschool where the owner/management simply dismiss parents concerns. An experience I'll never forget is one day, I was visiting my child, and there happened to be an evacuation drill. I was happy with the way the teachers handled it, they quickly gathered the children and swiftly went to the safety zone. This of course made me happier with the preschool. As with all things, nothing is perfect, including preschools. But this preschool is better than most. I've tiresomely searched for months and glad I found KRK.
A Mother's Love
I have always been hesitant to send my 2 year old daughter to a full time daycare/preschool. I associated a child's behavior (usually misbehavior) with the fact that they are at a daycare. I have had my point of view completely changed. It's not preschool in general, but the school you yourself choose. I am so grateful for KRK and the love they have given to my daughter. Her teachers have been amazing in both rooms she has been in. My daughter has gone from a child I was concerned about for speech and development to one of the brightest 2 year olds I know (biased aside). She comes home singing and talking about things beyond her years, and I know it's only because of her time spent at KRK. Her teachers always have a smile on their faces and are more than happy to do anything I ask. I can see the love and attention they give her through my daughter's desire to go to school. I will remember this experience forever and always highly recommend KRK to anyone who is looking for a place to send their children. KRK has this mother's love.
S. George
Grandfather`s Perspectivr
My granddaughter has been attending Kids R Kids for about two years now and I have to say that I am very impressed with the facility as a whole. First of all knowing that a thumb print is needed to gain access to the facility gives me peace of mind regarding her safety. I love the fact that I can go online at any time to check in on my granddaughter. With the amount of kids I see in the facility, you would think the facility would be dirty; that is not the case. It is always clean and presentable. When my granddaughter comes home from school, I sit her in my lap and ask her about school and what she learned that day. It amazes me to hear my three year old granddaughter recite the names of the planets, speak Spanish, sing songs that we did not teach her, talk about being on the computer during lab time and activities that occurred outside on the playground. This school has far exceeded our expectations. I can’t imagine sending my granddaughter anywhere else. Kids R Kids is run very efficiently, from the Owner to the Manager to the Teachers who have a passion for what they do.
Tyrone C. - TX
Cash`s Mom
I just wanted to tell you how happy we are with having our son Cash in your facility. Before he started he had been at home with a live-in nanny and we thought at the time that was the best thing for him, but it turned out we were wrong. He was turning 19mo old and still not walking or talking. Since he has been at Kids R Kids he has thrived, and now 20mo he is walking and has quite a vocabulary. After being at Kid R kids for one day he learned 2 new words! We also can`t say enough good things about Mrs. Polly, we love her! Everyone asks Cash, "do you wanna go see Mrs. Polly?" and he says uhh huuh! (YES!) He loves her and she is so wonderful with him. I used to worry while I was at work and now I don`t at all. Every morning when we drop him off she makes sure to give him the extra attention it takes to keep him happy and from crying because I am leaving. We originally signed him up at your location because my husbands job was right down the street, well, he isn`t working there anymore and because of your great staff we will continue to drive out of our way to keep him where he is obviously very happy. Thank you very much!
Julie P. - TX
Great for babies/toddlers
My son is almost 14 months old and has been coming to Kids R Kids since he was 7 months. The staff is fantastic and the teachers really get down on the kids level and work with them. Through all of the changes little ones go through, they have always accommodated our requests and eased our minds. I love being able to take a quick look online to see how his day is going and watch him play. You can`t put a price on being able to work without worrying about your little one all day. Their prices are reasonable and the facility is always extremely clean and inviting.
Lisa Camden - TX
Loving & Caring
My kids have been going to Kids R Kids on Lakeline in Cedar Park and they love it. The teachers are so loving and caring my girls sometimes don`t even want to leave at the end of the day. They have learned so much: colors, shapes, respect, patience and many other important tools that I know will help them when they go to kindergarten. I haven`t seen one lazy person at this location and the interaction they give my child is nothing but positive. I guess there are just people in this world that are unhappy with everything? Not this parent! Pros: Loving and Caring Cons: None
Hunting123 - TX
Nurturing Environment
"We chose KRK since it provides an environment that balances nurturing and learning. Our daughter has blossomed in the toddler program and has gained an extensive vocabulary of sign language and coordination from the PE classes and the arts and crafts projects. She receives individual attention to help her explore her interests and develop at her own pace. Our second daughter, a newborn, will be starting at KRK next month and as hard as it is to leave an infant to return to work, I know she is going to receive excellent care. My husband and I like that the school is large enough to offer numerous amenities yet feels small and personable. The owners and management are very flexible and approachable. The KRK staff is like an extended family for our daughters."
Carrie Bell - TX
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