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Household chores that can help your Cedar Park, TX, preschooler

Posted on 01-13-2015


Parents complain, “My child never wants to do chores!” Here is a secret that can entice your child to do anything with the right amount of encouragement: add a dash of imagination and a sprinkle of fun! Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Cedar Park, Texas, offers some ideas about how you can make household chores fun for your preschooler, and how you can ensure the fun is productive.

Household chores can be fun

Mundane tasks and activities can be made into exciting adventures with a small amount of imagination. For instance, picking up clothes from the bedroom floor. This activity can be made into a rescue operation where survivors are lost at sea and your preschooler needs to rescue them with the basket. You can convert almost any activity into a fun learning experience by using just a little creativity and engaging your child in the fun.

Learning through fun

Using a different example of putting away clothes, ask your child to return the clothing to its home. You can turn this into a learning experience by explaining that each different color or type of clothing belongs to a particular family and all family-members must live together. This will allow your child to begin differentiating between colors, sizes and even types of clothing, all while having fun and bonding with you.

The more creative you can be in engaging your child’s imagination, the more willing your child will be to get involved. Your child will be learning important daily skills without even realizing it.

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